AS112 at Roller Network

This is the home of an AS112 Project server operated by Roller Network. It's attached to TahoeIX for peering in Reno, Nevada (US). This node was placed in service on 04/21/2015.

Two RFC's published in May 2015 cover AS112 servers: RFC 7534 and RFC 7535

This server's statistics are available here via DSC Grapher.
Stats are kept for 6 months.

Roller Network for TahoeIX in Reno, NV, US (IATA:RNO ICAO:KRNO)
Unicast IPv4: IPv6: 2607:fe70:0:14::6173:112

Contact: support - at - rollernet - dot - us

Peer with us! Connect to TahoeIX and contact support - at - rollernet - dot - us

How do I know which anycast server I'm using?

Run the following command to get information about the AS112 server that's answering the query.

dig txt +short +norec

Pass options -6 or -4 to specify IPv6 or IPv4 respectively.